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2022 P1 Harbour Top Tear/Open Appointment Diary Refill

$23.80 $27.00

P1 2021


New for 2022 - price includes postage and handling (subject to availability)

200mm x 125mm x 20mm

To fit either:

• Harbour Polished Stainless Steel Desktop Stand - Top Open

• Harbour Colour Range Desktop Stand - Top Open

Professional layout with 3 months at a glance reference of previous, current and following months up top with half hour appointments from 8:30am to 5:30pm.

Tear each day off at top perforated line and start the next day afresh.

One day to a page Monday through Friday, two days to a page for Saturday and Sunday.

FEATURES: 2022 edition diary with Australian detailed content:

• Personal Memoranda

• 2022 Yearly Planner

• Current Year Planner, plus Advanced Year Planner

• Australian Main Public Holidays

• Australian Public School Term Date 

• Australian Days Of Interest and Metric Conversion Table

• New Zealand Main Public Holidays, Provence Anniversaries and Public School Term Dates

• Action Schedule (useful also as a To Do List / Goal Planner)

• Contact Details (collectable annually)

• previous two years, current year and next  year Calendars

• Harbour Product Codes (P1 2022) and reorder information for following year

FSC certified paper used in Harbour Desktop Diary Refills. 100% recyclabe.

Daily and weekly count located on bottom page. Noted Australian MainPublic Holiday and Days of Interest, New Zealand Main Public Holidays refernced on each day where appropriate.

Harbour Stockists: To order the 2022 edition refills and stands, other Harbour products or to request your 2022 price list, please complete our order form located on the stockist page, and we will promptly process your order and requests contact us directly. 

RRP: $29.00 each

28ea per carton - not available from this webstore.

 Barcode:  9334177000015


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