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Harbour Smart Magnets


Harbour Smart Magnets

10mm x 20mm

Available in Packs of 5ea:


  • MAG-001 Multi-colour (white, blue, green, yellow, and red)
  • MAG-002 White colour
  • MAG-003 Blue colour
  • MAG-004 Green colour
  • MAG-005 Yellow colour
  • MAG-006 Red colour
  • MAG-007 Clear colour




  • Neodymium super strong magnets can hold multiple sheet of paper easily on an magnetic metal surface
  • Push-pin design is ergonomic use and grip
  • Bright colours to spot easily or colour code information
  • Quality construction

    Very useful magnets. Super strong and fun to use.

  $6.95 each

10ea per carton

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