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Harbour Magnetic Pocket


120mm x 165mm x 10mm


MAGP-01 Smart Magnetic Pocket in White


Available in:

  • White colour backing and clear plastic cover



  • Large area of magnetic surface makes the backing, creating a very strong magnetic hold capable of holding multiple items in the pocket.
  • Clear plastic allows you to see what items are being stored
  • Versitle for all magnetic surfaces
  • Quality construction for durability
  • Wide gap at sleeve top good for product insertion
  • Writable on white backing surface with marker pen


Very useful magnet! Holds thousands of items you can think of such as: keys, glasses, marker pens, pencils, receipts and notes, tea and sugar portions, scissors, buttons, jewellery, staplers, rulers, cuttlery etc... even Harbour's To Do List!

$6.95 each

10each per carton

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