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Harbour Magnetic Grid Planner A2 - 2 Pack


MAG-2004 A2 Magnetic Grid Planner 2 Pack

600mm x 450mm


  • Complete with starter pack of a magnetic whiteboard marker and 5 pack of Harbour smart magnets (multi-colour)
  • Australian Designed Mangetic Planner
  • Full week headings or room to write your own headings/names
  • Large box sizes for plenty of information content
  • Undated
  • Roll-on Magnetic Planner
  • Pleasing colour choice
  • Full Month with 5 weeks for information continuity
  • New surface technology for long lasting wear and easy clean and erasability.
  • Magnetic surface provide versitle uses and positions upon all magnetic metal surfaces.
  • Can be thumb tacked onto other boards to become a whiteboard and/or a magnetic surface for other magnets and information.



Very clever planner with a white board


Use on office whiteboards, notice boards, filing cabinets, fridges, doors etc...multiple use planner.

$19.85 each 

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